DIY Large Chalkboard to make over a weekend

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Hello All!  Today I’m going to share with you one of my projects I had fun making and love how it turned out!  I’ve always wanted one and we had the spare materials laying around in the garage, so I put them to use.  This project is so easy and inexpensive, you can even purchase the products to make yourself and still stay in budget!

Supplies Needed:

  • large piece of hardboard (I used a 32″x48″ panel)
  • chalkboard paint and foam roller
  • a table saw, clamps, drill, screws (be sure they will not protrude the depth of the wood) and wood glue
  • pallet wood or I used leftover trim wood (you can determine the width you want for the frame)
  • stain (I had some from previous projects)
  • L-brackets or another type of decorative hardware you might want to add to the frame
  • chalk
  • (optional) decorative wreath, twine or burlap ribbon, and a decorative Command hook

Step 1:

Step 2:

This is perfect to do while you wait on your chalkboard paint to try in between coats!

Step 3:

Once all are dried, you will want to ‘season‘ your chalkboard.   If you don’t then when you write on it the chalkboard will become ‘burned’ with the words, etc. that you put on it.

Then it is ready to assemble:

Step 4:

Let it all dry well:

Step 5:

Once dried, attach decorative hardware or L-Brackets.  You will want to attach any hanging hardware to attach the chalkboard to the wall.  You will want to find the studs or use special hanging hardware due to the weight of the chalkboard.

Add a wreath and then do your chalkboard design or saying!

Don’t have the time to make one, shop here:

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