make learning fun

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Did you know action and being creative helps with learning?

Since I have two boys, they are always wanting to be active.  It can be hard to get them to come sit down to do school work.  I found some great techniques to share with you! Try the following activities and see if your kids have more fun!




Writing Prompts


Miscellaneous Language Arts

Social Sciences


Learning Through Play

A big thanks to Homeschool Freebies & Giveaways for rounding up a lot of these printables!

Get Them Moving!

  1. Water balloons –  This one is a winner. They played by throwing the balloons with words into hoops but I am thinking that if he gets it right he gets to throw the balloon at mom!
  2. Soccer –  Doesn’t all kids like to kick a ball?  Try sight word soccer if your child is a fan.
  3. Sight Word Basketball? Dribble to the words for some hands-on reading fun.
  4. Sight Word Target Practice sounds fun! You could do this one a variety of ways. They use stuffed animals.
  5. Slingshot Sight Word Target Practice is very cool!  (I’d try this with this awesome water balloon slingshot!)
  6. The Twister Sight Word Game is just like Twister but with a sight word “twist.”
  7. This action sight word game features running, Star Wars, and LEGO too!  Do you think your boys will want to play?
  8. Get the water guns out for this one and tell your boys to get ready to zap those ghosts! The object of this Ghost Zappers game is to find the ghost with a specific word and zap it with your water gun.
  9. Sight Word or Math HOPSCOTCH.   To play, simply place addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems in the squares then play a game. The child has to answer the problem correctly in order to advance and for sight words simply just place sight words in each square.
  10. Say it funny or act out the sight word.  The key is to get them to remember the word.  Don’t be afraid to make some giggles!